Sunday, January 5, 2014

Remembering My Babcia

The holidays always brings out the memories of loved ones who have passed and while the holiday is over, on this cold Sunday day, I could not help but think about how when I was a child and we would gather every Sunday after church, at my Babcia's (Polish for Grandmother) for a family meal. Most of the time it consisted of fried chicken for dinner and baked apples for our dessert! I remember helping make those baked apples and the smell of the chicken as you entered her home!

On this snowy day, I decided to revert back into my childhood and relive those memories by making her fried chicken for dinner and her baked apples for dessert! It's not the same as it was back then and my cooking is nowhere near as good as hers was, but the smell of the chicken cooking (in my own home) takes me back to those childhood days to offer me comfort on this winter day!

So here is to your memories Babacia! May your traditions, values and comfort you gave, live on in our hearts, and be passed down to the next generation! 

I am honored to have grandchildren of my own, so I can pass on your traditions, and keep your memory alive!


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